How To Achieve Success For Your Business Locally

How To Achieve Success For Your Business Locally

You need to approach local SEO for your business in a very different way to which you approach general SEO for your business, but whatever business you are, you need to consider local SEO for your business so follow these tips we have put together and see how you can achieve more for your business in your local area.

As you would with general SEO do your keyword research to find out what people are looking for in your local area and sue these keywords and search terms through your website, the SEO of your website, your content and your social media. You need to aim for a minimum of one page per search term on your website and then this can be added to with blog content and news articles.

Create and build local citations for your business through local directories and similar, places that point towards your website with the same address, telephone number and contact details. There are tools available but we have found that adding your business to directories, one by one, will work much better for you.

Use social media signals, don’t just ‘do social media’ instead share articles and blogs with social media users, promote that content to people in your local area then engage and build relationships with these people in your local area through social media. Google will then see people talking about your content and this will help you rank in local searches for your chosen keywords and search terms.

Encourage customers to leave reviews of your services on Google+ and your Yelp page and look for other niche review sites in your industry and try and gain reviews there too and you’ll soon see that Google values your site more than it does your competitors, especially if you have been around for the same sort of time as the competitor.

Make sure you keep an eye on the traffic to your website too, these tips will not work overnight but you’ll start seeing more local traffic to your website and this will help you see how well these small changes have worked to help the online presence of your website from local SEO.